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The Barter System

by Head Above Music

The Barter System
by Victoria Vox

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Once I got a call about performing at a winery for a local event.  During the booking they mentioned that they couldn’t pay me monetarily, but they could pay me in wine.  I love wine, so I think, “OK, I’ll be getting at least a case”.  It was a three-hour long event, and at the end, they asked me if I’d like to pick out a bottle.  One bottle.  I was insulted and disappointed.  I exercised keeping my mouth shut and agreed to book paying performances in the future (as they wanted me back).  I was fuming inside.  I did go back for the paying shows, but I never forgot it.  Bartering can be a great way to give and receive services, however it might be a good idea to communicate what your service is worth and ask for an exchange based on value.


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