Next Steps to Music Licensing

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My music career has advanced significantly in the two years since I first wrote about film and TV placement. As more and more licensing opportunities become available to indie artists, I’m often asked for advice. »

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Diversify with Songwriter Kyle Donovan

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It’s a lot to juggle, but my advice for others who have many irons in the fire is this: take it one day at a time. There will be moments when things are pressing and demand your attention, and moments when you can breathe more easily. Take that laid-back time to imagine your next steps and plan carefully. There is a balance to everything, and balance is the key to my sanity, without a doubt. »

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The Ultimate Indie Bundle also includes the INDIE VENUE BIBLE – a MASSIVE directory that lists 30,000 live music venues in the US and Canada!

You’ll find THOUSANDS of venues, festivals, colleges, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, house concerts, theaters, clubs, halls, churches and book stores – any place you can land a gig! »

Cyber Monday Deals for Musicians from Musicians

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Cyber Monday is not over yet. Here are 20 deals from some of our favorite stores submitted from some of our favorite artists! Find new gear, marketing ideas, styles and gigs. »

Dave King / Chris Weller DUO Hit the Road

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The projects I’m involved in all leave room for people to put their personal touch on things. What I express might change depending on the project’s conditions and the song but the freedom of expression is always there. There’s a visceral connection to different dynamic/intensity levels that I enjoy. »

The Best of Grandoozy Music Festival 2018


There wasn’t anything special in regards to art or atmosphere but entering the grounds with the sound of Ty Dolla $ign playing Psycho somewhere in the distance and the warmth Colorado September sun caused the fear to leave my chest. All I could think about all the music I was going to see that weekend, and especially for Kendrick Lamar that night. »

Truck Crashes David Burchfield Back into Music Career


“This record is my statement about living a life that is in line with my deepest passions. Life is short and I don’t want to waste a minute being a smaller version of myself. I’m just trying to hold true to my best self and serve the artist inside.” »

Wilderado Adds to 15 Million Streams at Grandoozy Festival


An arresting confluence of soaring melodies, lush harmonies, and driving indie rock, the ep is the band’s most collaborative work yet, bearing the distinctive writing influence and unique sonic sensibilities of all four members (lead singer/guitarist Max Rainer, bassist/vocalist Colton Dearing, guitarist/vocalist Tyler Wimpee, and drummer Justin Kila). recorded with production mastermind Phil Ek (Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes), ‘favors’ marks the dawn of a new era for Tulsa rockers Wilderado, as their already-epic sound pushes into more nuanced and mature territory than ever before.  »

Bayonne at the First Grandoozy Festival


Roger Sellers, also known by his stage name Bayonne, is an American minimalist composer and electronic musician based in Austin, Texas. After releasing three albums under his own name, Sellers changed his moniker to Bayonne, with the rerelease of his most recent work, Primitives, on Mom + Pop/City Slang »

Loving the Shadow: Shedding Light on the Inner Critic


Ali Owens is an author, speaker, and enthusiastic self-love advocate with a passion for empowering others to emerge as their authentic, unapologetic selves. By sharing the tools she has used to navigate through trauma and create a fulfilling life, she hopes to be an ally for anyone who is struggling and wishes to soar instead. »

Gingerbomb Drops New Single as a Team

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We were previously writing specifically to briefs for TV and film pitches.  The writing change allowed us to explore more ideas outside of our own personal boxes. It was something more than what came natural to us on our personal projects. Zach and I finished writing the record last July and realized we had something pretty cool on our hands. »