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The Three Day Rule and Vocal Tips

by Head Above Music

The Three Day Rule and Vocal Tips
by Cari Cole
New York, NY

The Three Day Rule consists of everything you need to do and stay away from for three days before a performance.

  1. 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. No kidding.
  1. Extra fruits and veggies. Foods with a high water content to help hydration. Watermelon is particularly hydrating to the muscles of the throat.
  1. Gargle with warm saltwater morning and night (you can also add a little Throat Coat tea to that gargle), and use a salt water spray for your nose morning and night for three days prior.
  1. Throat Coat tea daily (available at health food stores).
  1. No dairy. That means no milk, no cheese, no yogurt!
  1. No caffeine. That means no coffee, (black or green tea are ok), no coca-cola, no chocolate or hot chocolate. Caffeine is dehydrating. The only exception is if you suffer from asthma (caffeine opens the bronchial tubes of asthma sufferers).
  1. No sodas. Sodas (as well as alcohol, marinara sauce, citrus fruits or juice, caffeine, chocolate and peppermint tea or gum) cause acid reflux that burns the mucous membrane of the vocal cords. The result is irritated and inflamed vocal cords, which translates into raspiness/hoarseness and a compromised range. Consult our Affiliate ENT Dr. Scott Kessler 212-496-9300 for diagnosis and treatment and visit http://www.texasvoicecenter.com/advice.html for more info.
  1. No spicy foods. Spicy foods also cause acid reflux. See #8.
  1. No eating late. Eating late causes acid reflux. Eat at least three hours before bedtime, see #6. Do not lie flat. Prop yourself up with one or two pillows. Position the pillow under your shoulders so your neck is not strained. This will help keep the stomach acids from washing up on to your vocal cords.
  1. Absolutely NO antihistamines. They are severely drying to your voice. If you suffer from allergies you must get tested by an allergist and get on a treatment program that does not include antihistamines. There are many alternatives including herbal tinctures and Chinese medicine as well as dietary changes. Many people who suffer from allergies are allergic to wheat and dairy.
  1. No alcohol. Alcohol is dehydrating. One beer or one glass of wine during this time won’t kill you, but absolutely NO hard liquor. It is extremely drying. However it is best to completely stay away from alcohol of any kind.
  1. No smoking. No smoking of any kind. If you are a singer you shouldn’t be smoking period. It makes singing so much harder than it should be. Your vocal cords are in a constant state of dryness and irritation. Second hand smoke is not any better. Stay away from smoke three days before a performance.
  1. Eight to ten hours of sleep every night. For those of you who have trouble sleeping try Herbal Beverage – Calli “nighttime” tea available at www.sunrider.com. We also recommend taking 500 milligrams of calcium before bed to assure sound and restful sleep — it works wonders. Visit http://www.coral-calcium-supplement.net/robert_barefoot_coral_calcium.htm

Other tips:

Gargle with warm salt water for 30 seconds x 3 before every rehearsal, singing lesson, performance and recording. Even better, make a cup of Throat Coat tea and pour a bit into another cup, add some salt and gargle with that! The salt moisturizes like no tomorrow and the Throat Coat diminishes any inflammation and gives an extra coating of moisture to the vocal cords!

Steam 15 minutes a day with the essential oils of lavender and eucalyptus or make a pot of Throat Coat tea and steam with that. Essential oils can be purchased through the Young Living website www.youngliving.org/caricole or ordered through the studio.

Eat lightly the day before and the day of. No heavy foods like red meat or rich sauces. Eating light will improve your energy. Chicken, fish and tofu/beans are the best sources of protein that are easy to digest. Fresh juices (no orange juice) are great sources of energy.

Try using “Roxalia” made by Boiron, also called “Sore Throat;Hoarseness. It is a homeopathic remedy that reduces swelling of the vocal folds. Take for three days prior and the day of singing.

The Singer’s Gig Bag

What to take with you to your gig – improve your performances and remedy any last minute challenges!

  1. Water – 36 ounces or 8 glasses the 3 days before and the day of performance. Tip: Sip through a straw for best hydration and less trips to the bathroom.
  1. Throat Coat tea and honey – available at all health food stores. Bring a thermos to your gig or to the recording studio! Drink warm and gargle at room temperature for extra moisture!
  1. Fruit – watermelon is the best. Second is melon of any kind. Keeps the voice moist and lubricated. Eat during practice and before stage.
    1. Vocal Eze Throat Spray – available at www.travelwellness.com. This is the best throat spray on the market. Eliminates dryness naturally! Sweetened with honey.

Vocal Eze Vocalist Throat Spray (1 oz. Bottle) @ Amazon

    1. Sunrider balm or Tiger balm to relieve throat tension. Put on throat and neck muscles during warm up’s and before stage.

Tiger Balm @ Amazon

  1. Young Living Essential Oils ~ we recommend Lavender, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), and a few blends like R.C, Raven and Purification. You can order them online at www.youngliving.org/caricole — click on Products. Apply to the throat, neck and hands during warm up’s and performance. Use Thieves hard lozenges to avoid getting sick – they kill airborne bacteria – great for airplanes.. enter “Thieves hard lozenges” in the search field to order.
  1. Vocal Warm Up Exercises. Check out CARI COLE’S Singer’s Gift, Vocal Boot Camp Warm Up Exercises … the first 8 exercises for free  (see info below)
  1. Breathing Exercises – Do 10 minutes before showtime ~ on The Singer’s Gift, Vocal Boot Camp Warm Up Exercises (below)
  1. Self-massage and stretching exercises – Last minute tension? Learn self-massage and stretching techniques for freeing your voice and eliminating tension – check out this article online

CARI COLE’s “Singer’s Gift, Vocal Boot Camp Warm Up Exercises”

17 vocal warmup’s, the first 8 FREE …

Loosen up your voice and body with warm up with vocal coach to Grammy winners, American Idol finalists and rock stars and legends Get Cari Cole’s exclusive  warm up she uses with recording artists and rock stars “live” from her New York Studio. Have Cari as your personal coach right now in your iPod! www.caricolevoiceandmusic.com

Includes a special coaching from Cari with *extra tips for the day of performance, what should be in your singer’s gig bag, and last minute preparations to boost your performance and wow your audience!

  • Improve your breath control
  • Eliminate vocal strain
  • Stop losing your voice after gigs!
  • Improve your tone and pitch!
  • Learn exclusive trade secrets the stars use!
  • Wow your audience!

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Cari Cole’s Voice & Music Co. is a place where artist’s find vocal help, wisdom, health, strength and creative nurturing. Cari is committed to helping artists sustain strong and resilient voices for a lifelong career in music as well as keeping them creatively nurtured in their songwriting and careers. Cari Cole Voice & Music is also a place for young artist’s and developing artists to find their true voice as singers and songwriters.

“Working with Cari has been, and continues to be an incredible experience for me.  She has an amazing gift for understanding the many facets of vocal training from the technical to the mental, emotional and physical aspects.  She tackles the art of singing down to the root and really helps you understand what you are doing and how it all works. With her holistic and all encompassing approach she teaches how to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the vocals!”

Diane Birch, singer-songwriter, S-Curve Records www.dianebirch.com

“The best voice lesson I ever had!” Chrisette Michele, Def Jam Records / 2009 Grammy for Best Urban Alternative Artist, www.chrisettemichele.com

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