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Practice Tips to Perfect Your Potential for Singing Success

by Head Above Music

Practice Tips to Perfect Your Potential for Singing Success

The pursuit of success requires you to cultivate a commitment to consistency.

In other words, you want to always be prepared to give your best performance – while you also have a plan in place to keep getting better.

Life Happens

This makes sense and sounds simple enough, but simple isn’t always easy. Life happens – the unexpected or unthinkable shows up as Murphy’s law takes you to court.

Sometimes you have too much on your plate or there’s additional stress, and you find it difficult to focus. So, you have to cut back on rehearsal time.

Then, what rehearsal time you have suffers because you’re exhausted or distracted. When the time comes for that special live performance gig you’ve been dreaming of, you stumble and fumble your way through, and it’s not quite up to speed.

Taxing Times

There will be times when things go wrong, or you’re busier than you’d anticipated. But, life works that way; and the entertainment industry will likely present challenges to tax your nerves, demand extra attention, run interference with relationships, and defy any perfect planning you’ve enforced for rigorous rehearsals.

Discipline Rules

Discipline is vital to your arrival, survival, and potential for thriving in the pursuit of your voice-driven career.

Realistic pacing and realistic goal-setting are both key to helping you stay disciplined and keeping your commitment to consistency.

Don’t Skip Steps

Think about how many times you lose focus when you start skipping or shortchanging something as basic as a daily warm up. How does that impact performance? How does it affect how you feel about singing or speaking?

How many times have you been unfocused in your daily practice? Maybe there are several areas of your voice that you know you need to work on. But you simply skim quickly through without focusing on anything specific. You’re afraid to take it all piece by piece – or you lack the patience.

It’s true that you worked out, but that general, non-specific approach may not have sufficiently addressed issues that need attention.

You want to set specific goals for a realistic, manageable routine so that you know what your focus will be on a daily basis.

One By One Point of Focus

If there are several key issues or areas of focus that need attention, don’t skim or shortchange any of them. Give each issue the time and attention that’s needed and deserved – one at a time.

Choose a different point of focus for each day, and set aside a day for a fully integrated and coordinated practice session or rehearsal that assimilates what have been your points of focus earlier the week or in the previous few days.

No Skipping – No Skimming

You must avoid rushing, skipping, and skimming because other aspects of your training, commitment, and quality will likely be compromised. It begins to snowball or spread like an infection. Then, you get more frustrated, stressed, discouraged, and your gift is not honored nor is it properly served.

Keep Challenges In Check

The same approach applies to issues with the material you perform. If a song or two in your set is presenting some challenges, set aside time to work it out. If it’s case where a piece isn’t working at all; find a suitable replacement.

The quality of your performance should never be compromised because of a lack of focus or by deficiencies in time and attention.

Rehearse Rough-Spots

Devote specific rehearsal time to the more challenging pieces, arrangements, staging, or other aspects of your performance. Then, incorporate that work into a regular rehearsal or run-through.

Set Specific Manageable Goals

By setting specific manageable goals for your daily and weekly practice sessions, you will be better prepared for contingencies and challenges that may come when show time has arrived; or when you’ve booked time in the studio.

Forums + Coaching

Share challenges and effective scheduling tips with your peers through the singingsuccess.tv forums. Offer advice on what works and what to watch out for that can throw you off track.

Talk about the impact of having more focus-driven practice sessions that are followed by a more integrated rehearsal or practice session where the pieces come together. Also, share any success stories where your performance has clearly been enhanced by this focused approach to practice with realistic manageable specific goals.

Discuss rehearsal and practice strategies when booking your next session with one of Brett Manning’s certified master associates.

Positive Results

The more you focus on meeting manageable goals in a timely manner, the more positive results you’ll see in delivering on your commitment to discipline, quality work, and consistency.

This approach will help you become more surefooted in directing the steps you must take to achieve the full measure of your true singing success.

You can find more tips on singing here:

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