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Hugh Sung and Artist Works Promotion

by Head Above Music

Hugh Sung Artist WorksYes, the legendary pianist himself will personally respond to your videos. More on that below…. You can start learning with Hugh Sung or any of our other teachers today, and save 15% on any subscription by using the code PLAY15 at checkout.

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ArtistWorks Video Exchange works because it’s designed for busy people like you whose lives are in constant motion….

How does he do it? 

It’s simple: Hugh sets aside regular times to record detailed responses for the videos his students send in. Here are some real people who sent a Video Exchange to Hugh, and his responses.

Carol sent in a video for Hugh after learning to play “Scarborough Fair”.


“Hey Carol, very well done! What I want you to do now is jump back into the curriculum and apply what you’ve learned on ‘Scarborough Fair’ to ‘Memory’ – it’s a bit more challenging and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Anneline is looking for some help from Hugh with playing “Greensleeves”


“Hey Anneline, wonderfully done! Some really good things there, but before I get into the music I’d like to point out a few things that can help your playing…”

Gale has been working on “My Favorite Things” for months with little progress and sent in a video to Hugh for advice.


“Hello Gale, I know you’re feeling frustrated but it sounds really good! I have a few ideas to help make it a little more comfortable for you…”

Hugh then uploads each Video Exchange response to ArtistWorks from the comfort of his own home, hotel, or wherever his career takes him. Because when you love piano like Hugh Sung, sharing that feeling with other people is what it’s all about. That’s why he teaches online at ArtistWorks. It’s what makes it all possible.

If you put in the time, he’ll make that time for you

Sign up with Hugh, or any of our other acclaimed teachers today, and receive 15% off any subscription. Just use the code PLAY15 at checkout

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