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iPhone and MiFi Verizon

by Head Above Music

iPhone and MiFi Verizon
by Ryan Laperle

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Buy the older 3g version for only 100 bucks or so.   But you want to stay with Verizon.  Well then buy an iPod touch.  Through Verizon you can use their 3g network with something called MiFi.  It’s pretty much WiFi off their network.  You get a receiver about the size of a skinny iPhone.   So share it with other band mates you’ll all get Internet where ever you are via computer or anything else that uses Wifi. Many people have complained lately about AT&T’s network problems. My solution to spotty 3G data coverage: switch to Verizon. The Verizon MiFi is a cigarette pack size portable access point. It takes the cellular data from Verizon and rebroadcasts it as Wi-Fi. The MiFi is smaller than an iPhone. And of course, this trick will work for any phone that has Wi-Fi.

Turn on the MiFi and make sure it’s running. Go to your phone and connect to the MiFi’s Wi-Fi access point.
Now you have Verizon’s data network behind your phone. And this means a couple things. For one, I get much better data coverage in my area with Verizon. For instance, AT&T’s 3G network craps out about halfway across the Bay Bridge, cutting off my Pandora, or Twitter or whatever else I’m using. The Verizon data network stays.

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This Is Your Brain On Music – The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitinj.

For the audio side check out a NPR show called radiolab. Download the podcast on iTunes or their website (WNYC.org)   Get the ones on music, pop music.

Summit Audio 2BA-221 Mic Preamp
It’s great for anything, vocals,  guitar and bass, studio or live.  It has a build in tube,  and hi-z.  It’s one of my best pieces of equipment.  I use it live to get a warmer sound out of my guitar, and did most of my vocals on my studio cd using it.

One thing on the road……….My iPod Music is everything,  I need it for inspiration.

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