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Arise 2017 Performer Spotlight: Ani DiFranco

by Head Above Music

Ani DiFranco to perform at Arise Music Festival 2017.


With the release of the new album Binary, Ani and the band are hitting the road this Fall. They are kicking off the tour at the ARISE Festival this Sunday!

Ani DiFranco will be performing at the Arise Music FestivalSunday August 6, 8:15-10:00pm on the Eagle Stage.

binary_crop_store_1024x1024Written prior to the 2016 election, the songs on Binary are prescient of the current political situation in America. Ani tackles the challenge and necessity of teaching non-violence with “Pacifist’s Lament” and the need for empathy in “Terrifying Sight.” “Play God,” a rallying cry for reproductive rights, is currently playing out in Congress. And on the title track, DiFranco reveals the larger meaning of the album. “This binary principle is echoed throughout our bodies, “ Ani notes. “With one ear, we “hear” but only with two ears can we perceive the full spectrum of depth and position. This idea that refuses now to let me go; that nothing can truly exist except in relationship with something else, is where this song and this album are coming from.”

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