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Increase Your Fanbase w/ Reverbnation

by Head Above Music

Increase Your Fanbase with ReverbNation
By Head Above Music



ReverbNation is a one stop shop for artists and bands to build not only their fanbase but their internet visibility as a professional. ReverbNation is not only FREE to join, but simple to use with a variety of tools that will track your success. Here you will get a brief overview of all the free and paid services that ReverbNation offers its members. These tools are going to be the heart and soul of your digital marketing campaign, and all of them will take exposing your music and building your business to the next level. These include:

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Artist Info
Update band info and bio.

Update your status on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and RN.

Songs and Videos
Upload songs and add YouTube videos to your profile.

Manage Shows (under Shows)
Add new shows and manage your show schedule.

Sync with MySpace
Sync your MySpace profile with your ReverbNation profile.

Sync with Facebook
Sync your Facebook Musician Page with ReverbNation.

Upload band photos, cover art, and/or pics from your gigs.

Let the Nation know when your band gets press.

Publish a blog here, or import your current one.

Buzz Tracker
Find out who is talking about your band on the web.

StoreLinks (under Earn Money)
Add links to the online stores that sell your stuff.

View/Manage your Fans.

Become a fan of other ReverbNation Artists.

Have your fans post comments on your ReverbNation Profile.

My Links
Link fans directly to parts of your ReverbNation profile.

Spread and Track your promo banners.

Multimedia press kit with tracking. Unlimited versions.

The fastest way to send music over email or IM.

The best way to promote an album.

Marketing Experts (under Resources) New!
Expert marketers to help you promote your band.

Widgets (under Widgets/Apps)
Share your content and have others share it too.

Facebook Apps (under Widgets/Apps)
Get your band on Facebook with MyBand.

Bebo Apps (under Widgets/Apps)
Get your band on Bebo with MyBand.

Street Team
Send your fans on missions to promote your band.

StoreLinks (under Earn Money)
Add links to the online stores that sell your stuff.

My Links (under My Profile)
Link fans directly to parts of your ReverbNation profile.

Premium Features
• Digital Distribution
• Reverb Press Kits
• Fan360
• Mega Song Storage
• FanReach Pro
• Site Builder

Promo Tools
• Profile Page
• FanReach Email
• Street Teams
• Tunepak
• Exclusive Content
• Buzz Tracker

Viral Marketing
• Widgets
• TuneWidget
• Facebook Apps
• Bebo Apps

• Band Equity
• Detailed Stats
• Track Your Banners
• 3rd Party Widgets

Earn Money
• Fair Share
• Sell Music/Merch/Tix
• Gig Finder


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