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Pushing Past Your Fear

by Head Above Music

Pushing Past Your Fear
by Cari Cole

Like the seed that has to push through the shell and then through the dirt to find the sun, success doesn’t happen from a leisurely walk on the beach. It’s an acquired habit of pressing up against what makes usun-COMFORT-able, and sometimes pushing through our fear can knock us completely horizontal. Its an inner battle to stay vertical, and to win, you have to use all of your courage – sometimes you’ll feel like asamurai fighting the for your life.

On a conscious level, I wouldn’t say that I fear success, but the truth is that every time I step up in my life and reach for a new leveI, part of me is always scared, sometimes even terrified. If you’re like me, and have an active imagination, you might even be rehearsing what could go wrong (in an effort to prepare) and screw it up further – sound familiar? From mild to medium stage jitters or being afraid to get up and talk in front of a room full of strangers, there are times when my confidence plummets and the voice of fear wins. What is that all about? How do you stop it from happening to you, too?

We live in a world of duality. Light and dark, good and bad, love and fear. Both exist at the same time. The more conscious you are, the more you can hear the voice in your head, the more you can choose which track you’re on and get in the driver’s seat. Fear – a conditioned response – is a kind of normalthat we all experience. But listening to fear, when it is telling you a lie, will dis-empower you and close many doors. The more you listen to fear and stay small, the more you keep natural success from happening. This voice of fear can be the fear of success manifest. Your job, if you want to attract what you want in your life, is to bust it, expose it, lower the volume, and eventually you can get good atdefeating it.

The truth is, it’s the subconscious that really runs the show. And every time you step up and push pastyour Fear, it usually dredges up your deepest fears – but don’t be surprised – that is – normal. Marianne Williamson says, “It is not our fear that we are afraid of, it is that we will become powerful beyond measure”. Really? But when you ponder that more deeply, can you see how that might be true for you too?

The thing is — -every time you Step Up, every time you push past your fear, you get stronger – more confident. Every time you push past your fear and you create a New Normal.

Here’s a few steps I use to turn the tides and create a New Normal:
The next time you do something that makes you un-COMFORT-able, pay attention to the Internal dialogue – the voices in your head. What are they saying? Write it down. Is it coming from the track of fear or of love? What voice would you rather listen to? The more conscious you become of the negative chatter the more you can turn down the volume and steer clear.
Write down your objectives and goals and read them aloud every day. This helps to direct your subconscious to follow your wishes. The every day repetition increases your odds.
Seek others who are where you want to be. Jim Rohn says: “You are the sum of the 5 peopleyou hang out with the most.” Time for some new pals?
Here’s to pushing past your fear, turning down the volume and creating success, big or small.

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