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A Tale of Two Private Lesson Music Teachers

by Head Above Music

A Tale of Two Private Lesson Music Teachers

Allow me to paint of picture of two music teachers. Both teach 10 kids guitar lessons on weeknights and weekends to supplement their income.  Both cap their number of students at 10 because in addition to teaching music, they play in a band and work a part-time job. There’s hardly enough time at it is.  They’re both excellent teachers and their students love them.  There is only one difference between these two teachers: organization.

The unorganized teacher never sends lesson reminders, and as a result, students frequently forget about the lesson.  The teacher doesn’t make them pay for the missed class because they like the student and don’t want to risk them getting upset and stop coming at all.  So they let it slide.  When students do come to their lessons on the right day, the unorganized teacher frequently forgets to remind them or their parents how much they owe and whether they paid them for last week or not.  Common excuses from students are: “I don’t have any cash on me” or “My mom didn’t bring her checkbook this week, she’ll bring it next week”.  The unorganized teacher is occasionally underpaid and wastes hours a month manually updating a notepad or Excel file that doesn’t even stay up to date.

The organized teacher recognized she was not going to remember any of the tasks the unorganized teacher continually forgot to do either.  However, using a software like Music Teacher’s Helper – the organized teacher is able to automatically send music lesson reminders , invoices, and even accept credit cards.  After setting up a new student, the guess work is taken away on when to bill, how much, and what they went over in the last lesson.  It’s all in one place.  And come tax time, the organized teacher had all their info ready to report, instead of frantically searching through a paper stack in mid-April to file supplemental income claims to Uncle Sam.

It’s not uncommon to see the unorganized teacher stressed out while the organized teacher is content, and has more time to practice with their band.

Both these scenarios are very real.  If you teach music lessons, which teacher are you?

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