Gotta Get My Mind Right by Daphne Willis


Call me crazy, but I think health starts in the brain 😉 I think we are at our best when we feel safe, happy, and healthy. I think our nation, our communities, and our families would all benefit from a healthier mental perspective. Right? »

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Improve Tuning Stability, and Reduce String Breakage


Improve Tuning Stability, and Reduce String Breakage by Marty “Big Dog” Mercer One of the most common issues I see in the shop is players that don’t know how to properly string their instruments. Get this wrong & you can … »



If you are like me you are always trying to get a new gig somewhere. Every Venue pretty much wants the same thing, and the bottom line always comes to your recording. It is very important to have something quality for the potential employer to hear, and not some shitty live recording or basement tape. »

Balancing Family and A Music Career


If you are single and sleeping around every night with a different girl (or guy), this is not the article for you. Go ahead and skip to the article on sexually transmitted diseases. If not, you have at some point had to try to balance music and family. »

My Take on Style


Of all the different variations in playing music, the single item of utmost importance is style. I have come across too many musicians who are great at whichever instrument they play and they’re enthusiastic about playing whether it be alone, »

Musicares and Nuci's Space

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Most importantly if a friend asks for help with his or her drinking or drug problem there is only one place to go, Nuci’s Space »

Music is Like a Good Burger

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It’s not always how good you are, it’s about who you know, how many people you bring and how many people you will bring in the future. »

Selling Out


Times have changed, and if you want to make some part (or all) of your living by writing, recording or performing music, you actually have to SELL something. That is, you have to offer something that will compel people to GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY. »

Be Real, Be Honest, and Make Music Your Life


I have earned my living solely from performing and teaching music for the past two years without having to get a day-job! I have found that a lot of the players in college who were considered the best are having a harder time making rent than some of the more determined underdogs. Because I was not the best musician, I had to be REAL and HONEST about what I could offer a venue when booking a gig. For me, honesty has worked better than any trick out there! Hopefully, my experience will help you on your own path. »

$40 School for Songwriters

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Most successful songwriters I know have some degree of natural talent, but in my experience, the ones who really shine have invested a fair amount into their musical education. »

My New Sabian Memphis Ride


I’m absolutely insane about cymbals. Dry, dark, washy and wobbly, I’m constantly looking for nice sounds, not matter the manufacturer. Over the years, my personal tastes and musical roles have led to a very big, dark, washy sound. »