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AirTurn: Hands Free Page Turner

by Head Above Music

AirTurn : Hands Free Page Turner

I was getting my guitar set up at Brightwood Music in Nederland, CO when I sat down in front of an iPad with sheet music on it and two wireless pedals. The store owner told me I could tap one of the pedals in front of me and turn the page and another to change the key if I wanted to play through the tune. Two close friends of mine use an iPad for sheet music and lyrics when playing some of their cover gigs around town. I’ve seen them have to stop mid tune and quickly scroll the page up or down with their finger. I called them both right away and told them about AirTurn.

Within 20 minutes of that call, the CEO of AirTurn walked in to the store as they are based right here in Boulder, CO. He went on to explain how they have sold over 20,000 of these units all over the world as their product is so versatile with over 30 different iPad and music software apps.  I explained Head Above Music and how I know many musicians who could really use something like this. Please check out the info below and let us know what you think as I will be able to share all your input directly with the company.

This AirTurn dual foot switch kit comes with the AirTurn BT-105 Bluetooth page turning transmitter, 2 ATFS-2 black silent foot switches that connect to the BT-105, the AirTurn non-slip pedal board, and a USB recharging cable. Fully assembled. The BT-105 Transceiver may be easily removed for use in other applications.

The BT-105 features an internal lithium polymer battery that can be used for up to 100 hours on standby, and connects wirelessly to your iPad or Mac/PC computer via Bluetooth. The ATFS-2 black foot switches are constructed of nearly indestructible polycarbonate plastic and feature a proprietary “mechanism-free” switch system for perfectly silent operation.

Use both ATFS-2 foot switches with the BT-105 for forwards and backwards page turns, or just connect one foot switch for single directional page turns in a discreet profile for use in performance.

There is a plethora of  iPad apps that are compatible with the AirTurn BT-105. The BT-105 can also be configured to work with most Mac and PC programs that can accept Page Down/Page Up keyboard commands.

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