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New Holographic Stickers by Stickermule

by Head Above Music

Looking for new artist or band stickers? 

If you haven’t seen the new holographic stickers from Stickermule, you have to check them out here: https://www.stickermule.com/backsoon 

They are also on sale for the next few days! 50 for $19

I picked up two orders to test out the new logos we requested for the band. They were designed by Elias Armao here in Denver.  I love them both but thought it would be fun to see what everyone else thought on Instagram at @davetamkin 

I snapped a quick pic of both on our wooden front room table and threw them up with a survey on the Insta Story. It looks like the Bird is going to win over the Balloon logo with a few hundred votes on each. If I had to order another round based on feel alone, I’d stick with the rounder version of the sticker as it seems to stick better with more surface area. I also found that they work best on flat surfaces rather than a curved area, like a water bottle or the curve of a guitar case. They are made with super strong material though and won’t rip very easily like some stickers I’ve picked up in the past. 

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