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The B-Side Project

by Head Above Music

The B-Side Project started in 2009 as a UK wide project based around fusing music and providing artists with promotional opportunities.

The B-Side Project is the brain child of NE-Xcuse, with the main objective to merge music and to provide additional platforms for music artists, both of live music and electronic production.

Successful and popular remix tracks encourage the interest in original tracks, to the point where an artist or band has found their first break due to an alternative version of their song. In addition to this, syncing agreements within the advertising and film industries have provided amazing opportunities for artists (think of all the Levi’s ads and the success of the tracks used within them).

The project runs from September to May on a yearly basis, with festival partnerships taking place each year. An exchange of UK, European and WORLD wide talent is highly encouraged throughout and is facilitated in the project. Original artists are randomly paired with electronic music producers, and over the course of one year combined with various events taking place, the end result is a huge catalogue of exciting new music and partnerships.

This catalogue will be constantly developed and promoted, across various platforms of media, live performance and digital releases. If you are in a band, solo artist or electronic producer, please do sign up for updates on registration to the project – there are various phases each year that you can be involved in.

The objectives are; to fuse formats of music (live formats such as singer-songwriter/acoustic/rock with electronic formats); to provide a platform for musical talent, both locally and by using international exchange; to promote local and international music communities; to provide the audiences with different influences.

The project will develop year on year, and intends to be a spearheading influence on those artists involved, will provide a unique marketing tool for linked partners and brands, and hopes to make a significant mark on the music industry as a whole.

Benefits for participants:

• Promotion across a widespread platform
• Education of the music industry
• Links and contacts in the industry
• Potential track releases & Awards
• Potential gig bookings across the UK and at festivals

Find out more details and enter your music here : http://www.b-sideproject.org/

The project runs from September to June annually. There are various phases of the project on a yearly basis that music artists can participate in.

Access To Music – Remote Access: Open to Access To Music students and partner colleges only.
100 original artists and 100 producers. This phase launched in October 2012, and in October 2013 this will grow to include all music colleges UK wide. This culminates in an awards ceremony in association with Access To Music and Atom Live, as well as a 10-track digital release. Entry is currently open.

Worldwide – Remote Access: Open to all musicians and electronic dance music producers worldwide.
100 original artists and 100 producers. There are no geographical restrictions. This culminates in a live on-air (radio) awards announcement and 10-track digital release. Entry will go live on 1st December 2012.

B-Side Project City Specific: The city specific phases will commence again in September 2013. Here 30 artists and 30 producers from each city are partnered and a series of on the ground events take place.

B-Side Project Exchange: Here we will be linking artists and producers from select UK cities with artists and producers in European cities. This phase will be launching in September 2013.

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