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Moon Rise City Battles Head Over Heart With Dynamic New Single “Crawling Slowly”

by Head Above Music

Alternative indie duo Moon Rise City have released their empowering new single “Crawling Slowly” on January 8. Moon Rise City ~ born by the Saigon night. South African Singer-Songwriter, Lauren Tracy & French Guitarist, Indy Laville met from opposite sides of the world, in Vietnam. A collaboration project across countries and cultures. Fiercely independent, they produce Alternative Indie Music with a fusion of Soul, Swing Jazz, Rock & Psychedelic influences. Poetic introspective lyrics, inspiring deep thought & inner growth. A universal theme in Laurens songs. Music with a message, wrapped in richly layered instrumentals and minted guitar riffs.


The new song was written to provide solace to those going through a difficult time and provide them with the courage to find what’s best for them. “It’s about hearing your inner truth, the pull between following your head or your heart, right and wrong, fight or flight,” says Moon Rise City. The song touches on a toxic relationship and how a person can feel entranced by the ups and downs. “Behind your darkness, I’m in heaven,” member Lauren Tracy sings with a sultry, alluring voice. “Crawling slowly, but somehow I’m falling down.” 

“Crawling Slowly” is an overall smooth, alt-pop groove with stunning production and intricate lyric choices. Lauren remembers the challenging experience that caused the original songwriting. “It was a tumultuous time and I struggled between the pull of my head and my heart,” she says. The single started off as a love song, but transformed into a powerful breakaway song. Soon after writing “Crawling Slowly” Lauren moved to Vietnam and started a new chapter in her life, which soon led to her meeting her music and romantic partner Indy Laville.  

As part of a series of 2021 releases, “Crawling Slowly” will be followed by a new release every six weeks up to Moon Rise City’s debut EP Relics of a Bygone releasing in June. Fans can also look forward to a music video for each single release happening in the new year. 

Moon Rise City have released three singles to date. Their debut single, “Shadows of the Trees”, featured on Spotify New Music Friday SA. Followed by “Suspicious Creature” & “You Can Take My Money” which featured on Women of Substance Podcast. Their new single “Crawling Slowly” will be released in January 2021, followed by a new release every six weeks in 2021

How has COVID-19 affected you, your band, your community?

We are so lucky to have been in Vietnam during this epidemic because Vietnam has handled it SO well. When we first heard about COVID-19, we were living on Phu Quoc Island in South Vietnam. It was the TET holidays (Lunar New Years) when hundreds of Chinese actually come to the island for vacation, but bizarrely there were zero cases there. Regardless, tourism soon dried up when the strict lockdown started. Gigs all ended and we were “stuck” in paradise. The beaches were completely empty. It was surreal. We met a Russian videographer who was also stuck and we made a Music Video with him. We were supposed to travel to South Africa and Europe in 2020 but obviously, nothing went to plan. Less time traveling means we had more time to get our music goals on point. I haven’t seen my family in almost 2 years though, and personally, that’s the hardest part. But everyone is struggling, and here in Vietnam, we are extremely fortunate, like we are living in a safe bubble. There was definitely a huge loss & struggle in the community, but seeing the culture of how people come together, so strong, humble, and warm, shows a lot about the community around us.

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

I wish there was more focus on unique music with mindful lyrics. Opposed to this mindset of easily digestible art for the masses. I often notice this repetitive, auto-tuned, superficial side of the music industry where artists are encouraged to “sound like” another artist so people will like them. What happened to the golden days of music with a message, music with soul, and artists that sounded unique & authentic. The music industry directly relates to trends in the world. So, to change anything in the music industry, we’d have to change the mindset: more authenticity, individuality, and mindfulness. Amen.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

Think about how society has molded you and break free. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. As a young child, I have vivid memories of expressing my passion to make music and hearing responses like “you’ll never make it” and “get a real job”. The world is full of people telling you that life is tough and what you want is not possible. Just the other day a guy in a bar asked me: “do you think you’re going to be the next Beyonce”. I mean, really. Don’t give a rat’s ass about those words. Do what you love. Don’t grow old, regretting not following your passions. And don’t ever compare yourself, or anyone to Beyonce. Or anyone else.

Moon Rise City Citizen Guidelines: Do what you love, surround yourself with authentic people, collaborate, travel & immerse yourself in nature, expand your mind & heal old wounds, be kind to yourself, and others…eat more plants, drink more coconuts, stare at the moon, dream, laugh, play, dance & listen to good music.

What music are you listening to these days and what is it about that artist that inspires you? 

Khruangbin – We are inspired by their eclectic mix of genre and cultural influences. They really break boundaries and collaborate with other talented artists. Guitar driven melodies, with layered and slightly psychedelic influences. We both just LOVE them!

Arlo Parks – She has that LYRICAL POETRY that is missing from modern pop music, wrapped up in buttery melodies and soulful feels. It’s somber but oh so delicate & lovely. Soothes the soul.

Alice Phoebe Lou – It’s inspiring to see a girl from my hometown scene in Cape Town, South Africa, grow into a truly international artist with intricately beautiful music and a powerful and positive message to share.

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