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Rothrigo Embraces Childhood Charm With New Single “Apple Juice”

by Head Above Music

Alternative rock singer-songwriter Rothrigo released his newest single “Apple Juice” on January 21. The track was written and recorded during quarantine in Madrid in the artist’s home studio. As a proud DIY artist who is set on redefining classic rock, Rothrigo held onto the sounds of rock that he loves while incorporating a fun, charming introspectiveness. “Apple Juice” is the lead single off his debut album, Apple Juice, coming later this year.

He says that the single “provides a youthful insight into the process of growing up and becoming someone who takes refuge in a deep-rooted childishness.” Rothrigo found music when he moved to London four years ago and began feeling very lonely in the city. “I quickly started to write songs and self-produce them, while learning to play all kinds of new instruments,” he says. Apple Juice the album is a collection of eleven songs with a common narrative centered around feeling like a teenager and imagining your future self in different situations. “I think it reflects several appreciation moments of innocence before entering or getting close to adulthood,” says Rothrigo. “Which has always seemed very scary and nostalgic.” Fans will surely get a taste of that dream with “Apple Juice” the single out now on all major platforms.

Madrid/London-based photographer and singer-songwriter Rothrigo attempts to redefine classic rock in the contemporary DIY musical landscape. His music is still true to the pop standards of the 60s and 70s, while still bringing in a fresh, sunny and cheerful charm. He found his love for creating music when he moved to London about four years ago and found himself feeling very lonely in the city. “I quickly started to write songs and self-produce them, while learning to play all kinds of new instruments,” he says. His stage name ‘Rothrigo’ was invented by a group of five African orphans that his family and housed during the summer of 2016. “Once they went back home, they left us with a couple of post-its with endearing messages, and referred to me as Rothrigo,” he says. “Which I found wonderful and fun, and that name has stuck with me ever since.” The singer-songwriter also finds creativity in photography, with work published in various fashion magazines, including Vogue.

How do you see the music industry changing after this global pandemic?

I think it will definitely pivot towards a more virtual dimension and I find that worrisome. Unless streaming platforms decide to increase the share they pay to artists, life is going to get very tough for performers and artists. The best case scenario would be to go back to playing live and touring ASAP!

What 3 words would you like to give to your fans?

Brush your teeth!

Who are your major influences?

Well, lots of Beatles and classic rock, but I find myself on a Gilbert O’Sullivan spree at the moment. His album ‘Back to Front’ is just incredible, I think it inspired my album ‘Apple Juice’ in the production and arrangement of orchestral instruments, and also in the way the instruments live inside the song – their presence and role. Another album that I can’t stop listening to and that I find very inspiring is ‘Minute by Minute’ by the Doobie Brothers. It’s a huge 70s classic and sounds timeless – I mean, ‘What a Fool Believes’… That’s something else! Also, I think Hinds’ new album is one of the best albums released in 2020. I think it’s a very forward-looking collection of songs 🙂

Do you have new music coming out?

On the release of my first album, ‘Apple Juice’. The next single will be released on the 11th of February, so in the short-term I’m working on that! In the long-term, I am trying to finish an EP in Spanish and at the same time a full length album both in Spanish and English!

Where does your inspiration come from? 

I think not caring too much about things. I think we are all taking in too much of everything lately and taking a little mental rest isn’t too bad!

What is your favorite piece gear?

Right now my Nord keyboard. It’s just a dream, and looks awesome! The sound libraries are incredible and it’s very comfortable to play. I also love my Hofner bass, it sounds and looks like Mccartney! My 70s Strat is also on my favorites list, although I am finding myself playing much more keys and bass!


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