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Wearing All the Hats

by Head Above Music

Wearing All the Hats
By Megan Burtt

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megan burtt

The things that have seemed to be the most beneficial for me are the things that musicians tend to hate the most, or give little attention to – organization; patience and a healthy lifestyle are high on that list.

I’m compulsive about inputting a business card into my contacts application on my computer soon after it was handed to me.  I include a reminder for myself of where I met that person and something we talked about that I can bring up in conversation later. Independent artist have to be there own cheerleaders for a long time before industry starts to recognize them.  So, if I’m going to be my own manger, booking agent, PR chick, the list goes on and on, than I need to know what resources I have to get all those things done.  I make ‘to do’ lists, and excel spreadsheets of gig venues all over the country, take note of radio stations I can send a press pack to.  It’s a full time job if you’re serious about it.  I in the same light, being on-time is really important to me.  Shows and sound checks rarely start when they are suppose to, but could you imagine if they did?  Your 10:30 PM slot might not get pushed to 11 PM, just when people are ready to go home.

Some of the opportunities that have come around have been years in the making.  I play a venue so many times, that I finally get a headlining spot, or open for a national act.  It’s important for me to make a mental hierarchy of my goals, and understand that there might be a few steps to take before I get to the top.  I enjoy feeling that  “I’m doing my time” so to speak.  I appreciate how much it sucks to play to two people in a dive bar, and fly halfway across the country for a meeting that gets canceled when you get there.  It keeps things in perspective, and makes the successes even sweeter.

I don’t want to get so drunk that I can’t sing well, or wake up the next day not wanting to do anything.  I feel better when I sleep every night, and drink tea, and eat well, and take vitamins.  There are a lot of ways to eat healthy on a budget!

At the end of day, I stand by my belief that the greatest assets are your friends.  The real, true, late-night, early-morning, know each other’s middle name kinda friends.  They are the ones that hand off gigs to you; they are the ones that refer their managers, and talent buyers to you.  They’ll save your ass in a pinch.  They are the ones that will tell you honestly if you wrote a shitty song.

So, take names.  Then befriend them.  Then take them out for a wheat grass shot.  Then make time to create amazing music.
Then email me so I can hear it.



3. Can’t live without my GPS!!!

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