How I Made an Album on an iPhone


Besides beatmaking apps, I really got into the various synth apps available. I started with the free ones like miniSynth and NLogFree, and then eventually moved toward paid apps such as Argon, Dronestation, and Thereminator. »

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Topo Ranch, Great Apparel and Friend to Musicians

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A pretty cool apparel store right before the promenade on the East side. After hearing the interesting story of Topo Ranch from one of the most laid back owners, I noticed rock posters and a monthly gig advertised on their front window stage. »

The 5 Best iPhone Apps for Musicians

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The 5 Best iPhone Apps for Musicians By Jonathan Ostrow Co-Founder, Let me first begin with this disclaimer: I don’t personally own an iPhone. A friend of mine was letting me play around on his the other day when … »