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From Our Friends at MicControl!

by Head Above Music


*** Scroll to the bottom to learn how to recieve a FREE social media / blog audit from US! ***

Today we are happy to announce the launch of MicControl Consulting service, a new branch of MicControl that allows us to work one-on-one with those in the music space to create and execute proper brand-focused social media and blog strategies!

However, we’ve always taken pride in assisting emerging musicians and we realize that a lot of up and comers don’t have the financial resources to afford the time and effort we put into individually customizing a strategy. For this reason we decided to launch our first webinar:

Get Your Music Featured On The Right Blogs

We wanted this topic to be the focus of our first webinar because we passionately believe that music blogs are not only THE important filter of today’s music industry, but are also becoming an increasingly important (and easily accessible) marketing tool that ALL emerging musicians should be taking advantage of. Of course, we’ve written about this in the past, so here is an article that will help you better understand our stance:

From Subways To Blogs: Why Your Music Isn’t Getting Heard

What can you expect from signing up?

We’re going to start things off with a 45 minute presentation showing you the ins and outs of the blogosphere.

  • How do you find the right blogs to feature your music?
  • What’s the best way to approach a blogger about featuring your music?
  • How can you increase the odds that you’ll get featured again?
  • How can you create a relationship with a blogger that is mutually beneficial for both you?

All these topics are covered as well as everything in between to make sure your music is getting heard.

Afterwards we will hold a half-hour Q&A session where you can ask us questions pertaining to all the material we covered.

Finally, we’re including a PDF reference guide that will outline all the material covered in the webinar for your personal use as you take the blogosphere by storm.

To celebrate our first webinar, we’ve got two great offers for everyone as well!

1) 25% off any MicControl Consulting service to all attendees.

2) A Raffle! One Attendee will receive a FREE Q&A session (phone or Skype – winner’s choice). The winner will be announced at the beginning of the webinar.

All for only $10! Mark your calendars: Tuesday, August 2nd at 7pm EST


Want to recieve a FREE Social Media or Blog Audit From US??

All you need to do is help us spread the word of the webinar by referring 10 of your artist friends to us. Here is how to do it:

  • Head over to http://miccontrolconsulting.com
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Refer A Client’
  • In Name Of The Referred, write Webinar Referral
  • In Email Of The Referred, write YOUR email again
  • In Referral, list 10 names an email addresses of artists who’d like to join us (must be verifiable).

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