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Make Money While Promoting Your Friends Music

by Head Above Music

Make Money While Promoting Your Friends
By HeadAboveMusic

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Here is a step by step instruction to strengthen your music community
and make a little extra money to put toward your next album while promoting your friends.

1. Create a “Friends” page on your website. If you already have this done, nice.
a. Make a list of all the musicians you have shared a stage with. After each name, maybe write where the show was and how you enjoyed hanging with them after the set. You don’t have to make a description, but it does let your listeners know a little more about you.

2. Click here for free LinkShare Membership and fill out the three simple forms with details regarding your website.

3. After you are signed up and confirmed as a publisher, you’ll need to sign up for iTunes Affiliate Program. Once you are accepted to that, you can look up your friend’s albums and link the HTML to your site under each listing on your “friends” page. When your fans browse your friend’s music and click on their album or the link you provided, they will be directed to iTunes Music Store where they can listen to the music and purchase a CD or tracks to their liking. You will make 5 cents for every song sold. Your friends will have sold one more album making an extra 65 cents for every song sold. 50 cents an album adds up over time.

4. Sign up for Amazon.com Affiliate Program. Most bands that sign for Tunecore submit their music to Amazon.

Take pride in the bands that you share the stage with.
We are all in this together. The more support you give to others, the more you will see in return.

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