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By Cari Cole

Before I ever trained my voice, I could sing. I had good pitch and a heart full of soul, but the more I tried to convey my deepest feelings, the more strained I sounded. I tried singing louder (which caused more strain); I tried to mimic Aretha (which made me feel small); and I tried giving more emotionally (but ended up sounding like I was trying too hard).

Sound familiar, anyone?

Have you ever heard the 10,000 hours theory? That to master anything takes 10,000 hours. The truth is, I couldn’t deliver the vocals I wanted to because:

#1: I definitely hadn’t put in those 10,000 hours yet; and

#2: I hadn’t learned certain key secrets that can jump you ahead at lightening speed.

I know — you probably haven’t put in those 10,000 hours yet, either. But don’t worry, I’m going to share with you key secrets I learned along the way that can accelerate your voice development to warp speed!

#1 Warming Up:

Did you know that warming up the right way can not only increase your vocal range but make your voice more powerful? Well it can! I’ve personally witnessed thousands of singers make those changes from warming up alone!  How do you warm up? With smart vocal exercises that warm you up and don’t wear you out. Make a huge difference in your sound by doing it right!

#2 Increasing Your Range by Lifting Your Soft Palate:

Did you know that lifting your soft palate is the key to increasing your range and fixing your break? Well it is! A quick approach is to yawn as you inhale before you sing – to lift the palate. Another tip is to drink the tone as if you were drinking a glass of water. Bring an imaginary cup to your lips as if to drink – notice how your throat opens – that’s the way to do it!

#3 Breath Support:

Breath is the power of the voice. Most singers mistake singing loudly as being more powerful, but it isn’t — not unless the breath is behind that power. So take a deeper breath to support your sound — otherwise, you’ll burn out quickly. And breathe into your abdomen, your upper stomach, and your ribs all the way around to your back! Stretch out those ribs — but not upward – down and outward!!

#4 Be True:

Don’t try to be something other than you. Just be your best you. That’s what the people want. So go shine your light  – it’s the best shot you’ve got! Don’t hold back one iota.

Cari Cole is a renowned vocal coach, artist development expert, songwriter & music producer.  She helps artists find their voice, craft their style, and create successful music careers. Her weekly eZine Standing in the Spotlight goes out to over 2,500 subscribers. If you are ready to take your voice and your music to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at http://www.caricole.com

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