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2010 — The New Year / New You!!!

by Head Above Music

By C A R I   C O L E

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Lists, lists, lists . . . and daily habits ” Being great at what you do is about taking action, doing your work and “creating” your career, not waiting for someone else to make things happen or just reacting to what comes towards you”.

Do you live in a constant state of “wanting & waiting”?  Wanting to be recognized, to be noticed – waiting for the big connection to make it happen?

If so, look again, because you might be missing the boat.  As the saying goes, “God is in the details.”  Well anyone who knows anything about stardom knows that stardom is definitely in the details!  I find that “hoping” or “waiting” for that big break makes folks put off the daily tasks that make them better at their music.

It’s what you do on a daily basis which defines you as an artist.  Take a look at artists like John Mayer – a songwriter, singer, who not only writes and sings great songs, but is also an amazing guitar player – or Alicia Keys – a songwriter, singer, and amazing piano player.  Think about what that translates to ?  – a lot of hours sitting and practicing, and lots of plans for the future.  Who would they be without all those hours of practice and plans?

Because what you do daily defines you as an artist.  It’s in the work ethic of daily getting up, sitting at the guitar or keyboard, working those scales and chord progressions, tweaking those lyrics and honing the craft of vocal technique. You must work on your craft if you want to succeed as an artist.  And I can tell you that I have always done that daily work.  When I learned the guitar at 6 years old, Mom made me practice 1/2 hour a day.  I hated it then – but it’s what got me here.

Make 2010 the Year for Your Transformation.  Return to the daily.  Power is what you do every day, not in the waiting for the future to happen.

Here’s to the New Year:   New You ~ New Routines  – – – > Transformation!

C A R I   C O L E

Vocal Coach, Artist Development Specialist, Songwriter/Music Producer
Helping and inspiring new music artists to find their voice, unique style and create successful careers in music.

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