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The Benefits of eFax

by Head Above Music

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I started using eFax when I landed my first college tour in 2004. I had so many contracts coming in I didn’t know what to do. I spent a lot of time swinging by currency exchanges and using the fax machine at the hotels and colleges along the way. This was also right before I started using GPS, so I was also swamped with yahoo maps all over my car. Though most business is done via email and black berry, I still have to send in the W9 forms and updated contracts once or twice a week. I can fax it with a click of a button no matter where I’m at. Here are some of the benefits of eFax off the website. Give them a ring and see if it’s worth it for you. I’m happy with it. Tour Safe, Tour Smart.

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The Benefits of eFax
Makes faxing a breeze
Private faxes remain private
Faxes are delivered safely and securely to your email inbox.
Save money
There is no need for additional fax lines and fax machine hardware with all the
attendant bills and running costs.
Your personal fax number travels with you
Wherever you happen to be in the world, you can receive faxes in your email
from your personal fax number.
Electronic storage of your faxes
Find and retrieve faxes as they are stored on your computer without the hassles
of loose pieces of paper. Know the status of your faxes without tracking down transmission log sheets.
View faxes online from any computer
Just use the secure login feature to access your faxes.
Look more professional
Choose the area code for your faxes that can give you a professional,
metropolitan image no matter when your business is based.

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