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StickerMule Cranks Out Kick Ass Stickers

by Head Above Music

StickerMule Sticker MuleStickerMule Cranks Out Kick Ass Stickers

I was recently given a $10 OFF coupon for StickerMule.com from a musician friend of mine. It’s been awhile since I’ve even thought of stickers let alone have somewhere to put them. Then a strange thing happened where I started noticing band stickers on guitar cases, bathroom walls, doors and mirrors, amplifiers and car windows. Because I wasn’t a sticker guy, I was blinded by the sticker envy around me.

Dave Tamkin CEDARNeedless to say, I checked out StickerMule.com and found a kick ass outline for my last album cover. Sticker Mule had a variety of options to choose from at a cost that is lower in comparison to some of the other sites I researched. FREE SHIPPING was also a nice perk! They also give you $10 OFF to share with your friends as well as your next order if anyone purchases stickers from your referrals. Share the love, help some musician friends and cut some marketing costs!

It took me all of 7 min to upload the jpeg and have them do the outline. Within a few hours I had my proof sent back to me and used my buddies $10 OFF link to save a few bucks. Check out the video HERE!

Here is a $10 OFF link for you! Checkout the site and let me know what you think. dave@


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