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Indie Bible Released Their 2016 Edition

by Head Above Music

Indie Bible Released Their 2016 Edition : By Dave Tamkin

Indie Bible 2016For eight years, Indie Bible helped me tour the country by giving me opportunities that would have otherwise been unknown to me. I always had a nice run of gigs thanks to my college show agents but I needed that extra support for local venues in and out of each city.

Starting as an independent, touring songwriter, Indie Bible supplied me with over 32,000 venues, festivals, and college listings from Florida all the way up to Seattle. Back then, this info was given to me over a number of paper back books.

As I start to plan more road time in 2016, again without the help of a booking agency, I’m finding that I have the Indie Bible at the touch of my fingertips with their hyperlinked eBooks. With the elimination of all those pages, they have also lowered the cost by 70%. 

By signing up to their monthly newsletter, you’ll also get updates on submitting your music for radio airplay, music blog reviews, interviews and some pretty awesome features. 

I highly recommend you checking out the newsletter and the online version for FREE. Clicking HERE will bring you to the summary page of all that the Indie Bible has to offer. Any purchases made through this link will also supply Head Above Music with a referral free for introducing this information. Those earning will fund the upkeep of this site. 


What Experts are Saying …

Barry Cleveland

Barry Cleveland,
Guitar Player Magazine

“Two thousand pages of PURE GOLD!” – Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player Magazine

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers
Founder, CD Baby

“It’s SOOOOOO good! I’m AMAZED! A must for anyone wanting to promote their music – everywhere! The Indie Bible Kicks Ass!” – Derek Sivers, founder CD Baby

Madalyn Skar

Madalyn Skar
Founder, GoGirlsMusic.com

“The Indie Bible is a ‘MUST HAVE’ for any Indie Artist!” – Madalyn Skar, founder GoGirlsMusic.com

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