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My Songs, My Recording Process

by Head Above Music

By Bella Dautova
Moscow, Russia

I have some good experience in composing and tweaking some synthesizers and studio equipment. During my music making I usually use many acoustic instruments too, such as tablas, bongos, congas, ethnic flutes, and even quite exotic stuff. As for electronics I use Korg Z1, Casio CZ3000 as main sounds sources. For sound effects I use small eurorack modular system. Sometimes I play solo on my Continuum Fingerboard too. As a main recording device I use ART TubeFire8 and for voice and acoustics my favorite mic is Nady SCM-2090 – it’s good because of its smooth and lush sound. ART TubeFire8

I start composing by assembling the piano part which usually remains even after the song is over. I am trying to be as minimal as possible in frames of my musical style.

First of all I’m trying to braid simple minimal piano line in which cover all the harmonic structures I’m going to use in the tune. Then I put the pilot vocal over it. In most situations, the next step is generating the bass movements beneath. Next in queue are drums and percussion. I sketch them in exemplary rhythmics which shall be replayed by the drummer afterward. After that I enrich the arrangement with the stuff I mentioned before. In the end of the process I rerecord the main vocal part. I make some mixing actions and now, after all, the time for mastering do comes.

So you can try to use my way of making music.

Hope it makes sense for somebody else 🙂


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