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Booking Shows: They can’t say yes if you don’t ask

by Head Above Music

Booking Shows: They can’t say yes if you don’t ask By Dylan McCarthy

Follow The FoxOne of the best things I’ve learned while doing booking for our band is that when you want something, ask for it. Many times, bands are already doubting their ability to land the gig and decide to not even ask in the first place. Remember: they can’t say yes if you don’t ask. So be fearless! When your favorite band comes to town, ask if you can support the bill! Sometimes reaching out to the bands themselves can be extremely beneficial as well. In the end, it only helps you build more contacts and relationships, whether you get the gig or not. So next time you see a gig that you want, ask for it! Ya never know what might happen next…


Follow the Fox is what happens when Sarah Cole and Dylan McCarthy join creative forces to create honest acoustic music. Occasionally joined by a myriad of talented friends, Follow the Fox is centered around the captivating songwriting and passionate performances of these two Denver artists. Anywhere from heart-breaking ballads to hard-hitting bluegrass tunes, their spell-binding harmonies and thoughtful arrangements give them a sound all their own. Come see them in person and follow the fox, wherever it may go….

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