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by Daphne Willis

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OK so I usually try not to get to crazy here but I LOVE working out! I have worked with a couple different trainers and have pretty much narrowed down the best workouts for different goals.

Best way to drop weight/fat: First thing in the morning, have one cup of black coffee and go straight to the gym. You walk uphill for 25 minutes and then run for 25 minutes. You can add and subtract minutes, speed/incline depending on your level of endurance. IT is important that you DO NOT eat prior to the work-out and just have the cup of coffee. BUT you HAVE to eat immediately when you are done. This will keep your metabolism going.

Not eating or eating only once or twice a day is not a good way to lose weight. It will slow your metabolism waaaay down and your body will start to store energy as fat. The best things to eat are just lots of veggies and fish.

Best way to tone muscle: The other trick I have found to be extremely effective is taking branch-chain amino acids pre and post workout… This is more related to weight training and calisthenic workouts. Branch Chain amino acids are NATURAL and are in many of the foods you eat such as fish and eggs. They speed up and enhance the process of protein synthesis. Protein synthesis creates muscle and burns fat. Eating a high protein diet while taking these will definitely jump start your workouts J


Love my Taylor guitar… Though, the case I have been unhappy with. I have had to replace it twice because the handle breaks off!! I have actually ended up using a Breedlove Concert and Dreadnought Hardshell Guitar Case.

Love my Boss TU-2 Chromatic Stompbox Tuner… This is probably my favorite thing ever on stage. It’s extremely easy to use and accurate. The only thing is that they can eat some batteries fa sho!

Love my Entertainer’s Secret Throat Spray. I actually discovered this in my swag bag when I was down at SXSW… Love this stuff!!!


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