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How I Write Songs

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How I Write Songs
By Jeremy Shenk

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An artist relies on his hands, his sense of touch; listening for the note that conveys his emotion without words. A powerful minor chord for an angry mood, a soft strum for a peaceful mindset… The artist is not judged on his technical capabilities, but rather his ability to feel and to express.

When writing a song one does not think and feel for what emotion you have towards the subject of your piece. An artist’s expression of an emotion will never match another artist’s expression of the same feeling. There may be similarities in some cases, but there will never be two artists who are exactly the same.

Write your songs from personal experience, write them from observations, or write them based on stories! But you must understand and feel what you are writing and flavor it with your own emotion. Music is arguably the most influential media. Do not waste it.


One book I would suggest every musician to read is ~ Any music theory book! But don’t let yourself be restrained by the books rules… Use them as guidelines for your own musical rules.

My favorite piece of gear is ~ My Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 22

One piece of gear I can’t live on the road without ~ Well I just travel from home, but I would have again say my PRS SE Custom.


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