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by Head Above Music

Break Through Audio Cd-dvd Manufacturing Recommendation
By Dave Tamkin
Chicago, IL / Boulder, CO

Break Through AudioWithout A Clue Without a Clue

1993 was the first time I finished recording an album. It was my sophomore year of high school and our band was called Without a Clue. Back then you didn’t reproduce CDs, you made cassette tapes. That’s right, 500 cassette tapes. We received boxes of plastic cases, boxes of cassettes and a box of cardboard paper inlays in a matter of days. We had to fold and insert every last one of them. Break Through Audio was there for us back then and continue to provide us with quality service over the last 17 years… I’ve been using their services ever since. They have gone above and beyond with every transaction. Below is a little more information on them along with their contact info. I thought I’d share the love

Breakthrough has the capabilities of turning CD and DVD duplication orders of 25 to 500 pieces of product with full color print & packaging around within 3 business days. All work is done on site in their state of the art duplication house. You can also have from 1,000 to as many pieces of product as you need done in a turn around time of 2 to 3 weeks with full color artwork and packaging. Breakthrough continues to serve bands and ad agencies for duplication of music, voice-overs and anything else you would want on a compact disc, cassette, record, or DVD.

Although CD and DVD duplication is Breakthrough’s primary source of business, Breakthrough has also made a name for itself in being one of the best sources of unsigned music talent. Breakthrough fields constant phone calls from the leading A&R representatives at major & independent labels throughout the world looking for new artists, like: RCA Records, EPIC Records, Columbia Records, Island/Def Jam, Capitol Records & Roadrunner Records to name a few. Breakthrough was asked to provide new unsigned bands to J. Walter Thompson for the national ad campaign, “MGD Blind Tracks.” Of the 32 different ads used by MGD, 14 were submitted artists through Breakthrough.

Some of the companies that use Breakthrough’s services are: Jeff McClusky and Associates, Double Door, Metro, Aware Records, Touch n’ Go Records, Victory Records, JAM Productions, J. Walter Thompson, Eightball Films, Shure Microphones, Voices Unlimited, Wrigley’s Gum, 555 Automation, Jack Daniels, Lily’s Talent, General Growth Properties, Chicago Recording Company and the following national artists: Smashing Pumpkins, Local H, Veruca Salt, Relative Ash, Alkaline Trio, Wilco, Dave Tamkin and thousand’s of unsigned artists



web site: www.breakthroughaudio.com
1635 N Ashland
Chicago, 60622

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