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Recording a Record that Will Sell and Finding the Investor to Make it Happen

by Head Above Music

“Recording a Record that Will Sell and
Finding the Investor to Make it Happen”

by Joey “jajoe” Davis

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First and biggest mistake of all songwriters/bands is going into the studio without a producer. You will need to have enough songs to pick from, I say 30 per record. Once you have a group of songs that make sense then you will need to find the producer to pick the best ones out of the group! “Big expensive studio” “NO”, “Big expensive producer” “YES”…there are all kind of tones that work and parts that fit. Mind you the best songs have instruments that work together to create one sound not instruments that play constantly to create muddy noise! Take your time and be patient. I simply can’t teach talent but the coolest part of writing music is you get to create a world from nothing and hopefully make it work.

It’s sad to say but without money it becomes very hard to make anything in music profitable, So unless you play for your own satisfaction make sure you find enough capitol to create your project and be able to push it! My band “Felix Jones” worked the real estate market, friends, Family, Banks>>> anybody that had extra cash that might be interested in turning a profit. We found that persistence and name dropping worked. Let’s say you call or e-mail a management company that can bring a Pro record producer to the table… you say “how much for BIG PRODUCER” they say 3,000 dollars a song plus hotel and airfare, you then go to your investor and tell him I got a Grammy winning producer that’s worked with “Britney Spears, Joe Davis, Dave Tamkin, Beyonce, pearl jam, and Green day” and he wants to make a record with “US”! Always make your investor feel like he’s part of the project> you’ll need at least 60,000$ to make a record worth passing on to management, plus if it’s good your “producer has plenty of resources he would be happy to pass it to…..Now what if it doesn’t work out? Then A. you shouldn’t be asking for 60,000$ in the first place and B. your investor just had a 60,000$ vacation and C. get ready to pay it all back slowly and please do not kill yourself!!!:) haha..JK

Work everyday! 12hrs a day, and be productive and your dreams will come true!
The more you do this the more people will start believing in you!
Don’t ever forget where you come from and why you play music!

Good luck
Joe Davis
“p.s. there is no such thing as luck, work hard!!!!”

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