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Limitations, Goals and Inspiration

by Head Above Music

Limitations, Goals and Inspiration
By Spy Nation
Quebec, Canada

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Well, the first place to start is don’t put any limitations on yourself. If someone else can do it, you can too. You know deep down if music is your calling, go for it. You can only go as far as you think you can so whatever your goals are just don’t be afraid of making them as big as you want 😀 ! Not to say everyone wants to top the billboard charts or whatnot, your goals might be very personal (excellence for your own personal growth, being able to play live in front of a local audience… for example) and that fine too 🙂 Everyone has something special to bring, in their own unique way so don’t be afraid to be yourself! That means dint try to mold yourself to the current styles or what you think is good music or whatever, just don’t be afraid to be different. The world doesn’t need another copy of. It does need your own special expression though :D! And ya sure, its true that you do get more opposition when you are different, but authentic IS the only way to go and the only way great music ever came to be in the first place! So be true to yourself, if you are truly passionate about what you are doing, chances are others will love it too. So keep it real. Keep it authentic.

Your music should be a reflection of YOU, not someone else. Now that doesn’t mean you don’t get inspired by other artists, for sure you do! And so here comes another bit of advice: listen to everyone and everything. There is always something to learn. Criticism helps you grow. Don’t mind the senseless bashing, but don’t have such a big ego as to not heed advice either. Someone may be wrong or right it doesn’t matter, just keep an open mind. That also applies when listening to others music, maybe the song you are listening to sucks musically, but the mixing is amazing or the lyrics or the way the singer is conveying the emotion..? Just take the good in all you can.

Now, that brings me to, and you’ve heard this one before but it is so true, you gotta be tough, you will most likely not succeed at your first try in anything you attempt, so it is the same with your musical goals. Just don’t give up. Some things take more time to get where you want them to be. Whether that be recognition for your band, or your skills to be up to par. You think Celine Dion never hit a wrong note??? Heck I have seen videos of her in her earlier years, where she was days on end practicing a song to get it right. Greatness is something you work at. And in a competitive business like the music industry, you better be on your grind cause their are thousands on thousands of dedicated artists out there all wanting to be heard. Not to say there is not room for all of you amazing people 😉 ! Just to say: practice. A lot. Confidence in what you do is gained by those endless hours of knowing your skills and knowing you are giving your very best.

Now when it comes to getting your music out there… don’t wait for anybody to do that for you! Utilize all your resources. Play shows whenever you can, and use the internet. Other than the live shows, Myspace and Youtube is how we gained most of our following. Theses are tools that work for you by getting you fans that couldn’t otherwise have ever heard about you. Remember, your fans are your biggest allies, so treat them well, respond to their comments, post blogs, interact. Nobody ever made it anywhere without lots of love and support, and they are yours 🙂 so give back. Give your songs if you want too. Don’t start with money in your head. If you do a great job and your music is awesome people are gonna WANT to support you, and money is gonna come naturally as a result of your great work. So all in due time. OK now so I’m no pro adviser or anything, this is just a little bit of what works for us and I hope it can help 🙂 Love you all! Keep making all this beautiful art for us all to enjoy! 😀 XO

Spy Nation


One book we would recommend: The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer
favorite piece of gear: Gilbert’s Marshall amp
one thing we cant live on the road without: olive oil( Gilbert eats a liter a week!!) and organic soap( that one s for me !LOL)

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