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Attention Music Critics

by Head Above Music

Attention Music Critics (and all purveyors of the art of horse shit…)

By Ernie Hendrickson

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I caution you to take heed against placing any significant emphasis on your petty sentiments, misguided judgments, and otherwise meaningless generalizations.  Please, please, for god’s sake PLEASE, remember one thing – that music springs forth from the well of the human spirit, and is indomitable.  It has thrived since time immemorial, and will well outlive your current reign of influence, however trite and banal it may be.

Your empty statements do nothing to show what is true in art or music, but only serve to confuse the weak minded and provide a voice for they who are unwilling in their own hearts to decide what is genuine.  Opinions are like assholes, we all have them, and yours smells as bad as the next.  Do yourself a favor and please get into a real trade, do something to help heal the earth, advance humanity, or at the very least stop leading yourself into some imagined position of authority in art.  Real art is bigger than you, bigger than me, bigger than the sum of everything.  It does not need your explanations, your reasons, your short-sighted blabbering, reducing everything to a pissing contest.

I speak from a position of having spent years as an independent musician, and have suffered enough from the likes of fickle, fad-obsessed, wanna-be hip, pricks such as yourselves.  I’m sure this note will only serve to entice you further into your egomania, and strengthen your resolve to curve the trends of music toward your own narrow field of interest, but nonetheless, I’ve kept my silence long enough through your prolonged, overrated display of public masturbation.  If I sound bitter, that’s because I am, and because I’d like to see a day when integrity returns to the world of music.  Maybe I’m too hopeful.

I apologize if I have offended anyone who has an actual ability to understand their role as ambassador to the arts through the written word, and understands the significance and the honor involved with such a position, you who have done your homework and have a knowledge of the big picture of music and culture, who have educated yourselves at the mind and the heart levels, and hold yourselves as students, as much as teachers.  Please exclude yourselves from the previous message, and continue on in your journey.

Thank You






Ernie Recommendations:

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2.  Gear I like… – uh, I like the Roland ac 15 33 acoustic guitar amp.

3.  Coffee and herbal remedies

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