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Recommendations from Blue Logic

by Head Above Music

Recommendations from Blue Logic
by Greg Stelly

Blue Logic

This is Greg from Blue Logic. Im gonna give u all the info I can think of…

For computers I always recommend an Apple for the stability. We record all our own music and we use Macs. Also if you would know anyone interested in getting a recording done of them you can tell them to contact us, because I have a small studio setup in Leonville, Louisiana. I am also a guitar tech too, and love working on them. You definitely learn a lot as you go in the music biz, you have to keep your ears open at all times always, work to get those ideas you have out of your head and into reality, and always remember Google!

The gear I’m happy with: Schecter Guitars, Epiphone Guitars, Mesa Amps, Aquarian drum skins, Pearl drums… theirs a lot!  I love using  Harmony-Central.com for anything I need to know about music gear, I especially love their gear reviews!

My alternative income comes from being a PC Tech and Guitar& Tech from home, and a night job. When it comes to buying new gear, Musician’s Friend usually has the lowest price on new gear, and then eBay rules all for used gear.

Self promotion is a necessity: you have to let everyone you meet know about your music, everyone is more into a band if they know the members! Plus you have a better chance of finding people to help u out in whatever way it might be from handing out t-shirts to getting you on at the venue you’ve always wanted to play. Don’t expect people to just be there at your show! You have to pull them in, the more self promoting by the band the better the outcome.

Our practice style: every Sunday, and whatever other days we’re all off. If we have a show coming up we’ll practice our set list over and over. If we have no shows we will work on new material.

Writing material: well it always starts from someone’s idea and then we roll with it, everyone has their say, everyone makes their part, but the music always leads the way and we just try to keep up. Motivation: for practice- “Yay I get to play music all day! Life is complete” or “let’s finish up on this {demo, song, or whatever}, oh and the all time classic: Lets smoke a bowl! For new material- anything in our life worth writing about, anything that gets under our skin enough to spark a musical idea.

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