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Fake It to Make It

by Head Above Music

Fake It to Make It

By -DJ Lee
vocalist and beatboxer for Scratch Track

Someone once told me, “sometimes you gotta fake it to make it”. i know i know —being artistic means to be real. authentic. sincere. and most importantly true. But after spending 7 years on the road in full time road warrior status, i’ve learned that your attitude is everything when it comes to being an indie musician. heck–being any type of musician.

Bitterness, jealously, envy and anger kills ALL bands and kills most aspiring musicians. Everyday can be a struggle when it comes to making money and keeping money playing music. And i have pages and pages of pissing and moaning first hand testimonies and stories regarding that subject that i’ll refrain from getting into because that will defeat the purpose of my note here.

STAY POSITIVE. even if it seems impossible to do. You must stay positive at all times while at a gig. Lets say you show up to a gig and for whatever reason NO ONE shows up to hear you play. and you have to play for the door guy, the bartender and the sound guy. play your heart out and be thankful that you got a foot in the door. play your heart out for however long doesn’t feel awkward and learn from the experience. most importlantly, Stay Positive. Don’t get upset or whiny that the hipster, indie band had 750 show up in a club that holds 600 down the street. Learn from it and move forward.
Your attitude is really what’s gonna set you apart at the end of the day. its what’s gonna help you network and its gonna help you make music for the right reasons and continue on the journey that YOU have chosen. Even if you can’t help but be mad, just pretend to be calm cool and collective and POSITIVE until you can call your girlfriend from the hotel or your Van and tell her your frustrations.

If you find that all you can physically do is piss and moan about the music industry and be a bitter jaded music snob yourself, do yourself and everyone else around you and at least try to stay positive.

-DJ Lee
vocalist and beatboxer for Scratch Track

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Ideas from DJ:

One Book you would recommend:

1. haven’t finished a book in years but i always carry my Bible on the road with me. always.

Your favorite piece of gear:

2. my digitech jam man. its what i use to loop the beatboxing for Scratch Track

One thing you can’t live on the road without:

3. my phone. i have to stay connected to the rest of the world. i’m a communication and networking freak.

Who are you listening to now?

4. love the mumford and sons record and michael jackson’s new album

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