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Michael Anthony’s Advice To Up And Coming Musicians


Obviously playing in a new group situation like this really inspires you to play differently. And these guys are great musicians and I don’t have to tell you that. And so we’re all good friends having a great time. And it is exactly like what it was in the early days of Van Halen because later on, everybody was kind of doing their own thing. »

The Noble Experiment, a Night of Live Local Music


Working as a full time musician in Chicago, Patrick Gemkow is used to the crowded bars, expensive drinks, and unappreciative audiences. Frustrated with the routine, he decided to reach out to some of his favorite local acts: Shelley Miller, Brain Walker, and Derek Nelson, »

Recording a New Album

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After signing with MCA/RADIOACTIVE we released 2 major LP between 1999 and 2002 with our previous band CYCLEFLY. With years of touring through out the USA and EUROPE we got dropped by the label, why? »

How I Write Songs


Write your songs from personal experience, write them from observations, or write them based on stories! But you must understand and feel what you are writing and flavor it with your own emotion. Music is arguably the most influential media. Do not waste it. »

Flying Solo – A Chicago Born Bird


Growing up just outside of Chicago was always an amazing bit of luck for me. Not only lucky because I love that city, but because as I got older, I’d begin realizing that I’d want to be working there as much as possible. Music and a place like Chicago do go hand-in-hand and I wasn’t about to let that opportunity slip by. A few things could, and did, get in the way though. In the end however, nothing is as powerful as a dream. »

Practice Your Scales

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I find practicing scales and fingerings on the guitar pretty boring but it must be done if one is to improve. With a full-time job, a side job and a wife to spend time with, I had trouble finding the time to do that guitar practice until I hit upon a good formula. »

Spend More Time on the Phone, Book More Shows

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Mistake Number Seven: Not Spending Enough Time on the Phone (an excerpt from the book, Called To Sing: 13 Mistakes To Avoid When Starting In Music Ministry (Volume 2 by Dr. Naima Tonya Johnston © 2007 7thirtyseven Logos Publishing) Hope deferred … »

Insure Your Gear and Your Songs

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Recently I made a record entirely on my laptop, and called the “band” Hurricane Bells. One of those songs just got put into the new “Twilight” movie, and soundtrack. »

Conversations on Music Licensing



Formulating Your Best Music Promotion Plan

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Formulating Your Best Music Promotion Plan by Bob Baker A lot of people who subscribe to my Buzz Factor e-zine, read my books, and attend my workshops tell me that once they shift into a brainstorming mode, the self-promotion ideas … »