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Reconstruction Music Project

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It became more apparent than ever that music can heal, be it a divorce, getting over the death of a loved one, losing a job, and other tough situations people face. With the economic crisis this past year I started observing more and more of these tough situations amongst fans, neighbors, friends and my own family. »

Make Money While Promoting Your Friends Music

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Here is a step by step instruction to strengthen your music community
and make a little extra money to put toward your next album while promoting your friends. »

Formulating Your Best Music Promotion Plan

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Formulating Your Best Music Promotion Plan by Bob Baker A lot of people who subscribe to my Buzz Factor e-zine, read my books, and attend my workshops tell me that once they shift into a brainstorming mode, the self-promotion ideas … »


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MAKE SURE YOU’RE READY WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS By Cathy Mein You’re an artist. You write music. You play music. You’re good. Hell, you’re GREAT! Your talent should speak for itself, shouldn’t it? Unfortunately, it can’t if people can’t find or … »

5 Steps to a Use-able and Highly Search Engine Optimized Web Presence

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Use a blog site as your web presence’s content management system (CMS)–essentially this is where you log in and make updates to you site or write a new blog. You can even usually purchase the domain name you want for an affordable annual fee if you want “your »

Social Networking and Distribution By Erick Macek


The most successful thing that I have done with my music is being “real” with my fans and giving them something to come back to. The music industry is ever changing and I feel that in the 80s and 90s musicians were unattainable. »

Increase Your Fanbase w/ Reverbnation

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Increase Your Fanbase with ReverbNation By Head Above Music ReverbNation is a one stop shop for artists and bands to build not only their fanbase but their internet visibility as a professional. ReverbNation is not only FREE to join, … »

Music is Like a Good Burger

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It’s not always how good you are, it’s about who you know, how many people you bring and how many people you will bring in the future. »

Design Your Own Poster

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Design Your Own Poster by Kurt Gunn Green Bay, WI Click to Listen I am by no means a graphic designer; let’s get that clear right now. PDF what, TIFF what, Photoshop???? Just make my posters look cool, and send … »