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Fans Want An Easy Website, Give It To Them!

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There is no question that all musicians should have their own website. This has been discussed by so many people in the past that I won’t even attempt to get into this one. Needless to say, the line of reasoning is quite simple: »

It’s All Your Fault

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Usually it’s the very thing that blocks your voice, stomps on your soul, drags you kicking and screaming to the stage, and keeps you waiting for a deal. It’s the part of you that believes your success comes from others — and that it’s everyone else’s fault that you’re not famous – that your talent hasn’t been recognized yet. »

Build Your City

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Our advice to readers would be to own your own city first before hitting the road on long tours before the “fan base” is there. These types of tours can prove to be not only grueling on the band’s finances but also on the internal relationships. »

3 Easy Way to Increase Your Album Sales!

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What is an Autoresponder and why should you give a crap about it?
Well my friend…an Autoresponder is going to become your new best buddy as a modern day DIY musician… »

10 Ways to Trade a Song for an Email Address


I measure my success as a recording artist by the growth of my mailing list. The best way to get someone to subscribe is to offer something in return, and a great song is a powerful incentive. Here are ten techniques to negotiate that delicate exchange: »

Wearing Many Hats, and Wearing Them Well


There are many talented people, who the world will never discover, because they are strictly “artists”, and don’t make it a priority to learn the business side of things. You might be a virtuoso, but if you’re just playing in your basement, or even club gigs, it’s highly doubtful that you will ever be discovered. »

The Secret to Getting More Gigs


When approaching a club/bar/venue about getting a gig, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, venues get a TON of bands reaching out to them on a daily basis. Booking people wake up to an inbox, full or requests that need to be chipped away at one at a time (a daunting task). »

The Seven Essentials to Writing A Press Release

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The Seven Essentials to Writing A Press Release. It’s your connection to your audience: conveying your brand, your event, and your story. Michele Wilson-Morris »

Catching the Attention of the Audience


I visit Myspace pages every day to check out what artists are up to. A lot of times, I listen to twenty to thirty seconds of a song and I’m already bored. I skip right to the next artist page. I noticed that this happens even when the singer has a great voice and when I like the style I am listening to. So why didn’t these songs catch my attention? »


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Recently, the UK government passed The Digital Economy Act which included many, perhaps draconian, measures to combat online music piracy (including withdrawing broadband access for persistent pirates). But how much money do musicians really get paid in this new digital marketplace? »