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The Fremonts Leave Their Jobs and Hit the Road

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The Fremonts took a long break from their day jobs this year and independently released a new album and booked a three month tour through the Midwest out to New York city and back. They shared with us who inspires them, how they inspire each other and what they’ve learned about taking their music careers into their own hands. »

How to Help Your Guitar Survive Your Next Flight

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Airlines cater heavily to business customers, and I remind them that we musicians are business customers, too. I always try to be friendly and polite, especially if I am carrying a guitar, so that airline workers will like accommodating musicians.

7 Tips For Flying With Your Guitar

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Nowadays, things aren’t so simple when you’re traveling with a guitar. The dynamics — and the expenses — of airplane travel have changed so much that keeping your guitar safe, nearby, and in one piece has become a lot more difficult than it should be. »

A Few Tips From a Reader’s Wife


For musicians based in Ireland, XMusic will match any price you can find on line, for all the gear they stock. Personal Health – The little bit every day is better than alot, once a week. »

What do I know?

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Take lessons. Don’t just take a lesson 1 time, that would be like going to high school for 1 day. (Which I think I only did half of that)
I get it, lessons can be expensive. Can’t afford to pay for them? Then barter for it. Trade a service for a service.
Do whatever you need to do, just take lessons. »

Misadventures, Missed Turns And How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A Passage to India: Part II

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I arrived exhausted at my Mumbai hotel and met my backing band, Mana3. Wonderful people. The next morning we caught a flight to Goa. »

Misadventures, Missed Turns and How Not To Be Famous On Tour: A passage to India: Part I

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After paying a $20 submission fee, WOA Records chose me for a 20 city tour in India leaving just after Christmas. Wow! Kick ass. »